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Disagreements arise. Contracts are breached. People behave in ways that damage your interests. When you can’t settle these things yourself, you need a litigator.

Litigation is dispute resolution. A litigator is skilled at resolving disputes using a combination of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and the courts.

What We Do

We resolve disputes for our clients.

We negotiate with a view to avoiding a fight.

When a negotiated resolution is not possible, we pursue other avenues including commencing a lawsuit, demanding arbitration or exploring alternative dispute resolution options.

We gather evidence, organize it and present it to the court or arbitrator in a way that is effective and persuasive. We help you to tell your story so that the decision maker understands your issue and can make a decision.

We aim to win. Whatever a win looks like for you.

You Should Call Us When:

  • A person or company is not abiding by contractual obligations
  • Your shareholders or partners are acting in a manner that damages your interests
  • You have been served with a Statement of Claim.
  • You can reach out to us before things become contentious; together, with you as the expert on the facts and us as the authority on the law, we can craft your desired outcome and develop a strategy to pursue those objectives.

Some of our Reported Cases:

Most cases resolve confidentially, without a trial or hearing. Others are dealt with in a private trial (arbitration), so the results are not reported. Sometimes, however, matters go to court. Below are links to two reported cases in which we persuaded the court to award our clients what they were asking for.


Penuvchev v. Crosslink Bridge Corp:


Successfully removed an uncooperative director from the company board and obtained orders requiring the director to provide information, cooperation and a mortgage in favour of our client.

1455293 Ontario Inc. v. Virani:


We were successful in the Superior Court and at the Ontario Court of Appeal in getting partial summary judgment for our client who had lent money that was not repaid.